9 gorgeous bridal designers

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Bridal designer, what a great job! They create very special dresses, for very special days and the most important, for very special women! Their keyword is love and the most asked question is probably “will it be ready on time?”

On the other hand, we have the brides to be, yes brides with an “s” because they are all unique:

The control freak, she knows exactly what she wants for years, probably before meeting the groom. Since she is 5 years old, she knows the taste of the cake, the groom’s suit, and color of the bridesmaids’ dress. She has a list and planning ready for the D-Day and wrote the recipe of the cake in case the pastry chef forgets about how to make a genoise. 

The stressed bride, who shares her stress with everybody. Six months before the wedding, she imagined that she cannot fit in the dress and stops eating… then she is worried because she loses too much weight and has to do new fittings and adjustments 5 days before the D-Day.

The beach bride is planning to get married on Koh Tao, the beach in Thailand because it is ultra-romantic. But everybody knows that the main reason is because her mother-in-law has a fear of flying…

The cool hippy bride is relaxed, after all, it is just a wedding, her dad will cut a wood board as a table and the guests will sit on a big bale of straw. It is quite cool to be close to nature.

The “DIY” bride, she already has 20 wedding boards on Pinterest and watches 25 make up tutorials a day on Youtube to be ready for the D-day. She spends her savings on Etsy and arts and crafts shop and knows the exact difference between 80 g/m2 and a 5g paper. 

The ambitious, she wants the Oscar de la Renta dress worn by Carrie Bradshaw, but she has not paid the car park penalty yet … She wants to please all the guests’ tastes and ask the caterer 9 different main courses because aunty Betty does not eat salmon and Uncle Roger is allergic to carrots (everybody knows that it is not an allergy…). The ambition is getting married in November in Ireland but thinks it could be great to do the ceremony outside… 

The theme bride, she does not know yet if her wedding theme is The Great Gatsby or Hawaii for the guests’ greatest pleasure… She thinks it will be funny and promises to check all the guests’ dress code before they get in.

All those women are amazing and deserve the perfect dress and a great “happily ever after”. By the way, I can easily recognize myself in several profiles, please… I am sure you do too!

Choosing the dress is an important process that we love to share with our close family and friends. To me, your dress needs to fit with your personality and be comfortable! A perfect dress for the “DIY bride” will not be the same for “cool hippy bride”. Choose the dress “you” like, not the one of aunty Betty prefers.

I am happy to share with you, my favorite bridal designers:

Old French atelier making bridal lace dresses with a French savoir-faire. The dresses are comfortable, elegant and the quality of the fabric is amazing. Lambert Creation was my dress designer and I could not have dreamed of a better dress!

The French bridal Maison has been created by an incredible woman. This inspires women and her collections are elegant, rocky, sexy

This French designer for super cool brides. She dares the short wedding dress and the naked back, the pants and sneakers. 

The Maison is in Belgium and the dresses are made in Portugal. The collection is handcrafted in a bohemian style. The dresses are very comfortable and made with great fabric! (Tested and approved by me)

Michele Corty dressed all the women, from the Parisienne to celebrities, this talented woman makes other women feel ultra-sexy and confident with gorgeous bridal dresses. (Tested and approved by me)

When glamour meets vintage… Those creations are the finest and the most elegant dress ever. While you try one of the dress you can immediately imagine all the work and minuteness! On top of that, the dress is so comfortable. (Tested and approved by me)

A bride does not have to have a white dress, right? It can be gold and sparkling, it can be long and transparent, it can be sexy and chic. This is One Day Bridal!

New-Zealand, can you feel the vibes? If you are looking for a sexy lace dress… Here you are!

The perfect English style; it is all about flowers and details.

I did not mention Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy… ‘cause your banker could have a heart attack!

And you? What is your dream bridal dress?

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