Benefits of Mindfulness and meditation: How to get away from stress

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If you are a part of the official “Anxious” team, meditation can be very helpful in a short period of time. It does not take much of your time; it can be done wherever you are and can be a strong help for your mind and body. I am happy to share with you my meditation routine and favorite meditation channels on YouTube.

The reason why I started to meditate

Every day, you wake up and run into a traffic jam or public transport, then you arrive at the office, work all day under pressure, again and again …  You run to the supermarket and cook and clean and STOP! Your body and mind undergo so much stress and pressure that you do even realize. Sometimes, your body sends you some alert, like eczema or whatever the sign is, it means something is wrong! This is how I realized that I must care about myself a bit more than a beauty clay mask!

When I was close to getting married, I started meditation, to control my anxiety and stress. Like many brides, the joy of marrying the man of my life was crushed by the stress of the wedding preparation and anxiety of the D-day. On top of that, my job was taking too much space in my life and the stress atmosphere at the office was toxic. As this situation had such an impact on my mood and life, I woke up one day and realized that it was too much to handle! So, I decided to change my job and started meditation – from here, all changed in a very positive way! The meditation helps me to reduce the stress, stay positive and increase self-confidence.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of living the present time and to reconnect with yourself. Mindfulness meditation is the way you observe your feeling and thought without any judgment. It sounds weird and difficult but not when you look at a landscape – a kind of meditation, as you are focused on the view, and let go of your throughs.

The relaxation meditation is always a way to reconnect with yourself and focus on your body, from head to toe. The body scan is great as an evening meditation before a good night’s sleep. 

The positive affirmation meditation is my favorite morning ritual, to start the day with very good vibes. It makes me feel confident and blessed for all I have (sometimes we forget, how lucky we are).

Learn to breath

Breathing is instinctively done by any human being to stay alive, because if you do not breath…

Have you ever paid attention to your breathing and realized that somedays you have apnea? I do!

You undergo so much pressure because of numerous tasks you must do, involuntarily you forget to breathe. As a result of that, your body will be tense, and so you might feel body pain, only because of your stress.

Proper breathing will relax your shoulders and your entire body, it will also clear your mind. Good news, breath is the key to the meditation and sophrology.

Create a routine

If you have time to go on Instagram, you probably have 5 to 10 minutes per day to meditate. If it is beneficial for you, I sure you will find the time. 

Creating a routine will assure you to save a moment. I used to do it in the mornings, and it helps me to start the day with positive vibes. It can also be done in the evening to help with a good night’s sleep. The most important is to find “your” perfect moment.   

Just do it

Meditation and mindfulness are the art of observing and feeling any sensation. Being and living in the present time is key. Clearing your mind is not an easy task, do not add any pressure on you and practice at your rhythm.  

My favorite meditation YouTube channels

You can find many Youtube channels for relaxing and meditation music. I do love the simple sound of the rain in the evening for relaxation, but for meditation the “Soothing Relaxation” channel is great.

To my English reader:

Adriene makes short meditation sessions with the aims of relaxing your body, loving yourself… Within only a few minutes, you feel relaxed and ready to start your day. She also provides yoga sessions with a day by day program. The session will help you to de-stress, to reduce the body pain, to tone-up your body. She also does great yoga classes.

This channel offers plenty of guided meditations with positive Energy

To my French reader:

These YouTube channels are my favorite to relax in the evenings. I recommend the body scan! Try it all, it is very good. You can find meditation all the meditation you may need, against anxiety, relaxation, sleep, body, positive vibes, self-love… The videos are most of the time from 15 to 40 minutes which is perfect for evenings.

The app is available on Android and Apple Store. It always starts with a quick story and then you will have the meditation session. 8 meditation sessions are available and others with fees.

Take care of yourself

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