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From fast fashion to slow fashion

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If you don’t want to be a part of fast-fashion anymore, welcome to the slow-fashion life!

Here are a few tips for a sustainable and ethical closet for minimalists!

Ethical and sustainable does not have to be ugly, but it can be cool and beautiful.

Slow Fashion is beautiful inside out! You won’t have to feel guilty about who made your clothes and what the impact is on the planet, but it is also a way to avoid toxic substances.  Buying less and having a minimalist closet means you can spend more on each piece, which you can wear again and again since it will last you 10 years – instead of 1.


PS: no one is perfect (even Greta Thunberg), so take it easy!

How to transit from fast fashion to slow fashion?

1. Sorting out your wardrobe

If you haven’t worn it in years, it probably means you will never wear it again. Clear the space, no one needs that amount of clothes. By clearing out your closet, you will have more space for beautiful pieces, and be able to highlight your needs.

2. Sell or give

There are so many people in need. Your clothes can be another person’s treasure.

You can also recycle which will cause less pollution.

Many apps will help you sell clothes online (like “Vinted” in Europe). It is super user friendly and the exchange process is quite easy too. If you sell something, you can put the cash towards new necessary clothes and have a higher budget to invest in good fabrics and brands.

3. Buy with conscientiousness

Wearing clothes more than once is OK!

Making a list of items you need will avoid impulse buying, and save you money to invest in quality – not quantity.

Ask yourself the following questions:

-How many times will I wear it? If it’s under 15 times, you’re better off finding something else.

-Do I already have something similar? Would you not prefer to have diversity instead of copies?

-Does it fit my existing style? If you need to get a new pair of shoes, shirt, and underwear to go with, ask yourself if it is worth it! 

Favoriting brands and factories from your own country or near, will ensure more employment in your country and avoid useless greenhouse gas emissions. 

It is also great to support good small brands, who does an amazing job at ethicality and sustainability, instead of fast fashion brands who only cares about profits… I don’t know, just saying…

4. Basic is basic

Get a set of basic outfits that you can accessorize for different occasions. 

Choose nude colors to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

But wait, wait, what’s basic?

Basic is the little black dress that looks great with a pair of heels on date night, but wear it with a blazer and you are interview ready. Girl’s night out? Same LBD with some comfy flats.

Basic can also be a lovely striped shirt, with a black jacket and blue or black jeans…  Then, all you have to do is have fun accessorizing it with cool pieces.

By making a list of basics YOU need, it will help create your new wardrobe.

5. Check the labels and brand spirit

Having a list of brands that you can trust will save time.

By good brand spirit – I mean making sure the manufacturing employees are working in good conditions at a humanly schedule, with absolutely no child labor, or toxic substances… Basically, ethical.

Buy the brand you trust. Check where the fabrics comes from, and who made it.

Usually, good brands will have a special section on their website with details about their company, their certification, and sustainable engagement.

6. Get to know the certification

Many certifications are available on the market to help consumers. However, not all tick every box of what we are looking for. The one I trust is the “GOTS” certification.

GOTS certification

The Global Organic Textile Standard also called “GOTS” is one of the best guarantees. 

The certification is given after a strict audit which ensures:

  – environmentally friendly production

  – respect and improvements of working conditions

  – promote use of fibers from organic agriculture

  – prohibition of hazardous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents…

7. Make it easy

You love to shop on ASOS and so on… because it is easier.  But try out the sustainable version, like “Klow” – an online platform that offers various ethical and sustainable brands.

And why not make your own …

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