My Slow Fashion directory: Ethical and sustainable clothing brands

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With the aim of repairing the damage caused by the fast fashion industry, some talented and great spirited brands decided to fight against this harmful industry. They have created the slow fashion movement.

Slow fashion is the new trend, what a trend! It teaches us that we can be stylish while being conscientious. The slow-lifestyle is the opposite of overproduction, unfair wages, and everything which can damage our health and the environment. Cool, isn’t it?

Making this list took me a lifetime. Sending emails, scrutinizing websites, checking the certifications, fabrics, factories, etc. All those details are not detailed!

That’s why I am pleased to share my ethical and sustainable fashion directory with the hopes of making it easier for you.

This list will regularly be updated with new brands.

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+TIPS: Discount code is available throughout the article. Now we don’t have any excuses. Let’s support small businesses!

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Ethical and sustainable fashion brand list

The price of items will vary from brand to brand and may be more high-end than what is practiced in the regular fashion industry. However, it can be explained by many factors such as fair wages for workers, factory locations, organic or innovating fabrics which costs more…

Klow is an online platform that sells a selection of sustainable and ethical brands. It makes shopping easier. 

Sustainable at its best, Organic Basics creates basic and comfortable, yet quality clothes. Ethics and sustainability are the main subjects.

Organic Basics has offerd the Buchetteandco readers 10% off with the code BUCHETTEOBC (valid until December 1st, 2020).

Whom: Women & Men 

What: Underwear, t-shirts- pants, dresses, shorts, leggings, socks …

Brand location: Denmark  

Fabric location: Europe (Aegean Sea coast for cotton, central Europe forests for Tencel)

Fabric: Chemical-free organic cotton, recycled cashmere (GRS certified), seamless knitting, Polygene, silver tech, recycled wool, Lyocell, recycled nylon (GRS certified).

Made in:  Turkey, Austria, Portugal, Scotland, Italy

Label: GOTS, GRS certified

Action: Carbon neutral & low impact website

Olive Clothing is my favorite brand at the moment. The design and the prints are cute, retro, and elegant.

Whom: Women & Men 

What: Pants, shorts, T-shirts, skirts, sweats, knits, jackets, coats…

Brand location:  UK

Fabric: Organic cotton

Fabric location: India

Made: South Korea, Spain, England

Label: GOTS, living wage employer

In love with this timeless fashion brand. Rakha redesigns classic pieces, which is what makes this brand unique. 

Whom: Women

What: Pants, skirts, dresses, tops, coats, bags

Brand location: UK

Fabric: Organic Cotton, Organic Peace Silk, Linen, Cupro, Viscose, Tencel

Label: GOTS, Oeko-Tex, GRS & Vegan, Lenzing

Packaging: FSC Certified paper shopping bag, recycled paper mailing bag, recycling patterned paper for packaging, Bagasse (made from sugar cane 0% Tree) for mailing bags & Swing Tags.

Brava Fabrics is a lovely casual brand for men and women. It has this very Spanish, creative vibes. I would describe it as graphic, casual, and affordable. The “Weekend in Osaka Capsule” for fall 2020 is so cool, you should check it out!

Whom: Women & Men 

What:  pants, dresses, blouses, T-shirts, knits, coats, jackets, socks, swimwear, shorts, sweatshirts, underwear, etc.

Brand location: Spain

Fabric location: corozo buttons, Recycled Polyester and wool, mulesing-free, Lenzing, organic cotton

Made in: Spain & Portugal

Label: GOTS

Packaging: recycled hangtags, biodegradable e-plastic, recycled plastic.

Action: Gender equality

I fell in love with the brand spirit, which is sustainable from name to production! Here’s the brand mantra: “TWOTHIRDS of our planet is covered by ocean. It is what makes us who we are and what gives us so much joy. We are committed to protecting what we love.”

The brand uses a pre-order system, which avoids overproduction – this is GREAT! 

Whom: Women & Men 

What: Pants, skirts, dresses, tops, loungewear, knits, jackets, swimwear… 

Brand location: Spain

Fabric location: Europe, China, Argentina. 

Fabric: Organic Cotton, Organic linen, wool, seacell, Tencel,

Made in: Europe (Portugal, France & Italy)

Label: GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Wool mulesing free

Packaging: Recycled and plastic-free

Action: for every order, 1 euro is given to help and support projects to improve sustainability, such as innovative research on textiles. 

Lovely casual brand for men.

Whom: Men

What: Pants, denim, shorts, T-shirts, sweats, knits, blazers, vests, jackets, underwear, hats, scarfs, socks, bags…

Brand location:  Denmark

Fabric: Organic cotton, recycled fabric, organic wool, organic linen, Recycled Nylon, Tencel, vegan product

Made: In many countries, however, the brand visits the factories, and suppliers are third-party certified by SA8000, BSCI, and Fairtrade.

Label: GOTS, Certified CarbonNeutral, Ecocert, global recycled standard, Organic Content Standards (OCS)

Action: Planting trees to offset our carbon footprint

Packaging: Hangtags are made of recycled FSC certified paper. Items are bagged in recycled Poly Bags made of upcycled plastic waste. All packaging is certified and fully recyclable.

A transparent, sustainable, ethical, and aesthetic brand with ECO-ID. ECO-ID is a QR code that allows you to check the entire journey of your clothes. 

Whom: Women & Men 

What: Pants, skirts, dresses, tops, loungewear, knits, jackets, swimwear…

Brand location: Germany

Fabric: Organic cotton, Tencel and recycled fabric

Made in: Poland and Portugal

Label: GOTS

Packaging: sustainable bags (no plastic), reuse returned boxes

Action: The brand uses the offcut, refuses the plastic   

This brand offers non-toxic denim, which is quite challenging to find. Prices are higher than a piece of denim from Zara, but less expensive than Levi’s. In my opinion, dark skinny jeans and blue mom jeans are all you need in your closet! They also offer a bunch of items in each category. Everything is toxic-free and ethical! They visit cotton farms in India, and a sheep farm in Patagonia,

Whom: Women & Men 

What: Pants, denim, skirts, dresses, sweats, tops, loungewear, etc.

Brand location: UK

Fabric location: India (farm cotton), Argentina (wool), Austria (Lenzing)

Fabric: Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Lenzing, Tencel, Organic Linen, Recycled Plastic, kapok fiber

Label: GOTS, Fair Wear, Fairtrade, PETA-Approved Vegan  

Action: gender & salary equality

French Maison made from A to Z in the heart of Europe “the Pyrenees”! Let’s support the French arts and crafts!

Whom: Women & Men 

What:  woolen cardigan, pullover, coats, caps, socks

Brand location:  France

Fabric location:  France

Fabric: Wool

Made in: France 

Everybody has their own style and taste, so why not create your own personal list?

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