cruise on the Nile - steam ship sudan

Egypt: magical cruise on the Nile, on-board the legendary Steam Ship Sudan

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If there was one boat for cruising the mythic Nile River, it’s the Steam Ship Sudan.

Once upon a time, there was a week where time was spent being pampered and being mesmerized by the Nile life and ancient Egyptian treasures. From Aswan to Luxor, the boat slowly ascends the river and stops at the most impressive temples of upper Egypt. 

As a young girl, I was always attracted to ancient Egyptian history! It has always been a dream to discover those treasures. After having seen this marvelous boat, it was obvious that we had plan our honeymoon around this cruise. Freshly married, we flew to Cairo, Aswan, and embarked on the Steam Ship Sudan for one of the most unforgettable, romantic and exclusive experience.

Story of the Steam Ship Sudan

In the early 20th century, the boat hosted all the British upper-middle class including archaeologists, and the well-known British author “Agatha Christie”. The banks of Nile and the Steam Ship Sudan inspired her to write the classic “Death on the Nile”. I highly recommend grabbing this book to pack in your suitcase or borrowing a copy from the shelf by the boat’s bar.

The Steam Ship Sudan Vibes

From your first step on the boat, you can feel the Belle Epoque vibes. The wooden boat with elegant decorations, and the crew dressed in traditional dark red tunics and Egyptian fez are truly a deep immersion into Egyptian history.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the whole team with a delicious hibiscus drink and a hot towel which was so refreshing. Escorted to our cabin through the passageway, we passed the Agatha Christie suite, then Gustave Flaubert, Howard Carter, Champollion, until we reached our nest – the “Hercule Poirot” cabin, where a huge bouquet of flowers and a lovely note was waiting to congratulate us for our wedding. In front of the room, a lovely balcony to laze out on in front of the sceneries of Egyptian life.

The first evening on board was celebrated by a cocktail at the bar, followed by a lovely dinner in the dining room facing the Nile. The following days were rhythmed by delicious breakfasts in the morning; a mix of delicious teas and oriental coffee, fresh juice, Egyptian bread with many sorts of jams (try the homemade Hibiscus Jam and ask the chef for one to pack in the suitcase!), eggs and fruits salads… The amazing team will deliver any other cravings you may have.

Mornings and afternoons were dedicated to visits and exploring. The visits were escorted by a great guide who spoke English and French. We had “The Eternal River” cruise program, which included visits of many temples such as Philae, Kom Ombo, Karnak, Dendera, the Valley of the Queens, and many others.

To rest, there was nothing more idyllic than cruising on the Nile. Throughout the journey, the boat passes by villages where locals fish, swim, play and greets the boat passengers by making big signs.

Equipped with your favourite swimsuit and hat, a good sunscreen, and good reads, cruising time is a pure joy and time of peace. Until it is time to enjoy teatime (Egyptian version). Do I have to mention how delicious the tea was with those oriental delights?

Lunches and dinners are always served on the boat, and every meal is tasty and homemade by the Egyptian cooking team. The high level of service, the beauty of the dining room, and the view on the riverbanks always promise moments of delight. The chef cooks Egyptian cuisine, which is close to oriental, Greek, Syrian cuisine… The food is cooked with mineral water to avoid any risk.

Egyptian experience

Every single moment on this boat has been memorable, however, I have to say that getting up very early for a lone meditation on the deck facing the sunrise with no clue about where we can be, was a special moment. Or watching the old version of “Death on the Nile” on the big screen at the bar and recognizing all the areas within the boat and ancient Egyptian temples we had visited – all surrounded by panoramic views of the river, was kind of a perfect evening on the Nile.

A trip on the Nile is something to do once in your life. Many boats operate on the river, however, if there was one to choose, I would strongly recommend the oldest one – the charming “Steam Ship Sudan”. We crossed many boats during our journey, but nothing compares to this mythic boat. We are full of memories from the kindest crew, the beauty of the boat to the magic of Egypt and its fabulous ancient heritage.

cruise on the Nile - steam ship sudan

Steam ship Sudan

Booking contact:

Price: From 2200€ to 2950€

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