Heritage recipe: Fig harvest and homemade Jam

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Next to join my Collection of heritage recipesfig jam!

Nothing is easier than making Jam when you have an abundance of fruit. This is one of the best alternative to eating it fresh. I have to say – figs and plums are my absolute favourite.

Figs always reminds me of the end of summer. It tells me to enjoy the last of fruit picking before it’s pumpkin season! The fig season usually runs from the end of August through to October, depending on the location.

My Slow Fashion directory: Ethical and sustainable clothing brands

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With the aim of repairing the damage caused by the fast fashion industry, some talented and great spirited brands decided to fight against this harmful industry. They have created the slow fashion movement.

Slow fashion is the new trend, what a trend! It teaches us that we can be stylish while being conscientious. The slow-lifestyle is the opposite of overproduction, unfair wages, and everything which can damage our health and the environment. Cool, isn’t it?

Making this list took me a lifetime. Sending emails, scrutinizing websites, checking the certifications, fabrics, factories, etc. All those details are not detailed!

That’s why I am pleased to share my ethical and sustainable fashion directory with the hopes of making it easier for you.

ethical and sustainable underwear brand list

My Slow fashion directory: Ethical and sustainable Underwear Brands

Lifestyle, Slow-fashion

Your health and body are gold! Let’s save it from toxic products. Your underwear is the first fabric in contact with your skin. After checking all the harmful substances found in materials, wearing organic is now my priority, particularly for underwear. More info here!

These brands will keep you from toxic fabrics, yet comfortable and sustainable!

homemade plum jam recipe

Heritage recipe: Plum harvest and homemade Jam

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When life gives you plums, make some jam!

Here we are in the plum season – my parents’ trees are full of plums this year!  So as always, we keep some to eat fresh, some to freeze (for cakes in the later months) and some to make our jam

This is real “slow food”; picking the fruits from the tree to eat or cook with… It is also precious, quality family time. I’ve always picked fruits with my mom and these delightful memories will be with me forever. Both of us having fun, talking about everything, laughing…