Where to stay in Tokyo

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With all the accommodation options available in Tokyo, it is not easy to decide where to stay.

Ryokan, hotels, capsule, apartment? Which neighborhood? So many questions you may have when it is time to book your stay! I have to say that I like hotels and especially, properties with a design and an identity. I will not list the whole Tokyo accommodation portfolio but a selection of places I have experienced or liked.

My favorite places to eat in Tokyo

Japan, Travel

Food is probably one of the reasons you visit Japan, and without any doubt, you will be served!

During my trip to Japan, I challenge myself to try a maximum of traditional dishes, cool places and I have to say that it has been a success! I still have plenty of restaurants and specialties to try, but it will be another time for another Japanese adventure. Food is at every corner in Tokyo, it can be hard to decide where to eat!

Here, I am sharing my restaurants’ tips and favorite restaurants and food places in Tokyo.

Day trip to Nara, the city of deer

Japan, Travel

Nara has a special place in my heart, as the day trip we had was magical! A stop in Nara is mandatory while you travel in the Kansai region. Near Kyoto and Osaka, the ancient capital of Japan is well known for its beautiful wild deer, but it is also a city full of temples and shrines. Let me tell you about my favorite places in Nara for your future visit to the magical city of deer!