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Uhmm… bread, for French people is the equivalent of rice for the Japanese, pasta for the Italian, potatoes for German, gin, and tonic for English and Marple syrup for Canadian… Ok, you got the picture?!

The most difficult part of making homemade bread during this crazy pandemic period is finding flour!

Otherwise, making homemade bread is a piece of cake!

What do we need? All we need is love and:

-500 gr of Flour

-30 cl of water

-10 gr of salt (if you like it very salty, add 5 extra gr)

-20 gr of baker’s fresh yeast (or 10gr of baker’s dry yeast)

Optional: Olives, minced bacon, got cheese, provencal herbs, sesame seeds…

Let’s make homemade bread!

In a large bowl add the flour, salt and make a well in the middle.

In a separated bowl crumbled the baker’s fresh yeast and add the water (warm in winter and cold in summer).

With the help of a spatula, mix it all.

When it is mixed, knead with your floured hands until you get sleepy the perfect consistency.

Cover the bowl with a cotton tea towel and let it rise for at least one hour and a half (in winter) and 20 to 30 minutes (in summer).

+ TIPS: As it is warm on my balcony, I have put it there for 3 hours (which is more than usual) and the dough was getting so big. So, I guess the more you leave it, the more it will rise (I heard you, it is logic … well you are right …)

After your nap, it is time to shape your bread!  It can be a ball, a baguette, a circle, big or individual. it is optional but, to give the bread a little more flavour, you may add olivies, herbs or others in your dough.

+TIPS: The bread will continue to grow in the oven, think about it when you shape them.

When the shape is done, place them on a baking sheet (with parchment paper).

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Brush it with some water and add a topping of your choice (or not).

+ TIPS: The topping can be Provencal herbs or sesame seeds, or any of your preference.

Make a straight, angled, hashtag, cross… cuts on the top of your bread

+TIPS: There are multiple ways of cutting the top of the bread, you can style it to your preference. This process is very important as it helps the bread to rise, bring a crunchy touch and it will nicely decorate your bread!

Bake it for 20 to 25 mins.

+ TIPS: To get a crispy bread, you need humidity in your oven. Fill a baking tray with water and place it at the bottom of your oven.

OMG! The smell of fresh baked bread … Get some cheese and a bottle of wine!

french bread recipe

Last thing to do: BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

Et bon appétit!

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